“I know where I am but I do not feel that I am at the spot where I find myself”

So you’re sitting there reading that quote going, “What the hell Freud??? Why are you trying to confuse me at like 6:00 am on the train?” (This could be a scenario specific to me though, insert your own as required). In reality, the more times you read it, the more it reveals its relatively simple idea relating to representation reveals itself. Media productions and things of that nature often have a certain ubiquity about them. They allow you to be in multiple locations at once – even though you’re not – by representing those locations or generating their own social spaces. This is largely because modern ‘assemblages’ or interactions between people are built around aggregation. We take things from all over and construct, from data and what have you.

Danah Boyd’s little speech about Web 2.0 and media flows highlights one of the most exciting platforms for representing the social and aggregating information. Twitter. Tonnes of people use twitter to interact with their friends and share articles and content they like with each other. It’s quick, it’s kept succinct with its 140 character limit and its available on multiple platforms. The coolest advantage though is the embracement of twitter by celebrities and other content creators. They have shrunk the boundaries of the social to nothing in that they essentially put themselves in your room everytime they say something, and they can see what you say. This takes you, a random guy from the South Coast of Australia to places and people you never could have imagined interacting with 20 years ago. When you talk to Patton Oswalt, it’s as good as being in LA with him.

David Gauntlett in this video talks about how content platforms allow us to forge a sense of identity too. Heres this online identity, aggregated out of all your sharing and interactions with others. There’s an online version of you, with its own space, its own existence. It is both you and not you at the same time, because its created by you, and it can be anywhere, anytime.


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